Carontes it's back for help!

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Carontes it's back for help! Empty Carontes it's back for help!

Post by Carontes on Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:01 am

We all know what's happening. While I'm leaving, the clan startes going down (again). So I decided to come back, but I'm a noob (Razz), I'm not playing regurarly (Razz Razz), and I'm not searching for other players to invite (we have to think to the actual members). If someone tells me that I must apply to come back in clan I'll give him the fuck and I'll kick him in the old sweet BLACK HELL. It's not possible that this clan stands up only while I'm in, but it's like this, so I must rejoin and fix problems.

See you ingame, you must,

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